A big thank you to our friends at Labor of Love Studio for the design of the website. You may see more of their work at lolstudio.com. You can contact them directly at (206) 706-1453 or laborofloveart@aol.com.

Dave Liatos, CPA PS
Specializes in working with small businesses and individuals on their accounting and tax needs.
(206) 706-1040

Doug Harwood, Insurance Broker
For over 35 years we have been committed to serving the insurance and financial needs of individuals and employers throughout the Pacific Northwest. By employing a comprehensive team approach, we are able to ensure that each client benefits from the individual expertise of every member of the firm. It is this expertise, along with our commitment to personal and timely service that has allowed us to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.
R. L. Evans Company, Inc
600 Stewart St, Ste 1210
Seattle, WA 98101
ph: (206) 448-7878
fax: (206) 448-3589
(800) 987-8199

Open Road Coaching and Consulting
Jill Sheldon helps smart, driven people who are feeling stuck set and achieve their goals and dreams. She is also an accomplished nonprofit consultant.
(206) 328-4281
email: jill@openraodcoach.com

Stacey L. Romberg, Attorney at Law
Represents clients in the areas of small business law, estate planning and probate.
10115 Greenwood Avenue N, PMB #275
Seattle, WA 98133
ph: (206) 784-5305
fax: (206) 789-8103
email: info@staceyromberg.com

Charlie Martinez, Insurance Agent
Specializes in auto, home and life insurance.
Jeremy Olson Agency
Allstate Insurance Company
2003 Maple Valley Hwy, Ste 300
Renton, WA 98058
ph: (425) 687-1361
fax: (425) 687-7453
email: charliemartinez@allstate.com

Des Moines Florist
Best Blooming Business in town since 1959.
721 S 219th St
Des Moines, WA 98198
(206) 824-5920

Joe Hafner, Residential Real Estate
Joe is an agent with John L. Scott, serving most of King County. Joe's clients benefit from his experience in construction, real estate development, real estate contracts, and his high standards of service excellence.

Mesh Design Studio
An Interior Architectural firm with an emphasis on green design, in both residential and commercial spaces. Primary focus is on remodels, new additions and tenant improvements.
Erin Longmoon
(206) 546-2279
email: erin@meshdesignstudio.com

Mimi Riley Functional Metal Art
Handcrafted metal art, each piece custom made to your specifications, wants, and desires.
Gates. Railings. Home Furnishings. Etc.
(206) 650-0235

Out on a Limb Tree Company
Offers high quality pruning, based on current arboricultural knowledge, at a good price. We also do removals, cabling and assorted other tree-related work.
Kathy Holzer
(206) 938-3779

contact us at: (206) 262-1695

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