Project 1: West Seattle Craftsman house/modern studio [in progress]

The homeowners have been remodeling and expanding their West Seattle residence. The main house is a typical Seattle bungalow and the exterior uses traditional materials, details and finishes to keep it in context with the neighboring houses. It is sited close to the sidewalk and is more public in feeling. The new studio building situated towards the rear of the property is modern in character and function. It is used as a wood working shop and storage area.

Client preferences: The homeowners’ taste lean toward clean and modern. They are open to new materials and ‘green’ building concepts and incorporated many into the new studio building and the interior of the main house.

Broad considerations:

Create a plan that integrates the house into the landscape taking into consideration the 2 different programs outlined above. The front should be more formal in feeling and reflect the character of the neighborhood. The rear needs to be multifunctional incorporating areas already designated for entertaining.

Additional considerations:

1. Integrate specific areas for vegetables/flowers/herbs and for a future dog
2. Address irrigation in specific areas
3. While not totally low maintenance the garden should look ‘decent’ if the owners fall behind a bit with weeding.

One ‘green’ solution was for the rainwater to run off the studio roof directly into a rain barrel storage system located in the utility area of the studio. This stored rainwater system provides water to use in the studio. The overflow irrigates the gravel garden adjacent to the building while draining runoff away from the foundation.

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