Project 2: Medina Cottage & Garden Renovation


1. Large amount of water run off had contributed to the deterioration of the guest cottage
2. 30-foot tall retaining wall was unstable. Possibility of a landslide or soil liquefaction during an earthquake
3. Invasive plant species on a steep slope in a semi-environmentally critcal area adjacent to Lake Washington


1. Stabilize rockery and hillside in a visually attractive manner
2. Reroute storm water runoff away from the cottage and into an appropriate municipal system
3. Remove invasive vegetation and replant with approved species for site situation. Concentrate on stabilizing slope and providing habitat for birds.


1. Work with soil engineers to stabilize rockery by drilling and installing 50 pins 40 feet deep into the hillside
2. Work with artisans to create an aesthetically appropriate facsimile that is structurally sound
3. New wall is part of the storm water drainage. New plantings stabilize soil on the steep slope and provide cover and food for songbirds. New gravel garden hides storm water drains and acts as a temporary holding pond during extremely heavy winter rains

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